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Experience the timeless Beauty of Japan's Traditional.

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Appliances Smart Home usb Air Purifier Mini

Fusion of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and air purifier. The latest photocatalyst decomposes and removes viruses, recent and odors.

air purifier

“Hakata-Magemono”, a traditional technique handed down in Hakata, Fukuoka. Miraculous fusion of this traditional craftwork and an air purifier. Cedar and cypress boards are heated and bent and then bound with cherry bark.

air purifier
Electrical powerDC12V
Power consumption3.0W
ModeHigh / Low
Noise levelHigh:45db Low:42db
Applicable floor space11.0㎡
FilterNonwoven fabric
ComponentVisible light responsive photocatalyst
AccessoryUSB cord, USB adapter

Personal Private Label Home Usb Air Purifier Mini


23 ㎡ in area. Romantic light makes the room beautiful and stylish.

Mini size is also available. It can be casually displayed in a small space. 11 ㎡ in area. In the living room, on the counter, in the waiting room. A small box with beautiful light streaming out.

Electrical powerDC12VDC12V
Power consumption4.0W3.5W
ModeHigh / LowHigh / Low
Noise levelHigh:46db Low:36dbHigh:46db Low:34db
Applicable floor space23.2㎡11.0㎡
FilterNonwoven fabricNonwoven fabric
ComponentVisible light responsive photocatalystVisible light responsive photocatalyst
AccessoryUSB cordUSB cord

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